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Screen Time

by Alma Anna Ramdane | Sun , Oct 9th , 2022

Who can do without their phone, tablet or computer? These tools have become so present in our lives. This magic screen has also become a practical babysitter. It is more difficult to ask a child to put the tablet down when the parents are glued to it.

What is screen addiction?

The time spent in front of the screens would be around several tens of hours per week. We are talking about invasive, even addictive practice, beyond 5 hours a day, or 35 hours a week or more sometimes “But it all depends on how it is experienced”. Indeed, managing our connection to the laptops, tablets and phones that have invaded our daily lives has become really important.

Can screen addiction hide something else?

A hyperconnection to screens can hide or reveal other addictions, talking about screens is sometimes the way to evoke other addiction concerns. Often screens play a catalytic role for teenagers, especially the Internet with online games like (free fire, fortnite...)

Addicted to screens? The break is necessary

Better managing our connection to the mobiles that have invaded our daily lives is becoming really important: indeed, we are more and more swallowed up by our smartphones, computers or tablets.

When we don't have technology like when Instagram, tiktok and Snapchat were down, we all feel uncomfortable. The comparison with heroin seems fair to us because we are not aware of the damage it will cause us later. Not to mention what some people experience with harassment on social networks (cyber harassment). 

To conclude we all need to reduce our screen time in order to avoid harm, there are consequences to our mental health that we still don't understand about cell phone abuse.

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