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Yes, we do. Students can join our schools if there's a goup that suits their schedule and level. They just need to pass our online placement test (the menu above) then the management will tell them what to do next.

Fees are different from a school to another, and if you're a student you'll get a discount. You can find the fees range for each category on our website, but if you want details, please contact the management of the school you want to join on the phone.

Our school, specialized in teaching English only, was established in 2013 to become a leading English school in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Tizi ouzou, and Algiers, and very soon inchallah in other states of the country. We teach different age categories: kids -starting from 4 years old-, teens, and adults. We provide top notch training in English at our school, and through our app, we help our students practice with the help of their teacher even when they're at home.

According to the Algerian law, language schools can do business but are NOT approved by the state. Our certificate is valid, and can be attached in your job application for example along with your CV, and you can use it to teach in a private school if they allow it, but you can't use it to work for a government school.

Yes, we do. we have classes up to 8 p.m. We also have classes on weekends and during the day. In the near future, we'll launch our e-learning platform and then you can learn english with a unique experience anytime, anywhere.

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Great businesses are born small with big dreams. Our school, specialized in teaching only English, was established in 2013 to become a leading English school in Algeria.

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