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Twice a week.
DZD 3600-4300 / month.

Teens think they’re grown ups. at PINPOINT ENGLISH, we have the right training for this challenging and rebellious category. the program, appealing to them, garantees their success at school and eventually in their future lives.

Our Method

Teen2Teen is a four-level English course developped specially for low secondary students. With its teen appeal and carefully paced syllabus, Teen2Teen makes learning English irresistible and teaching English effortless. Teen2Teen takes your teen to the lower intermediate level. To find out more about this method click here.


  • 1 Your kid is placed in a group of 6 to 12 kids according to his/her age, level and availability. .
  • 2 Your kid is enrolled by a guardian after reading the school policy .
  • 3 Your kid takes his/her training, being tested on a regular basis.
  • 4 Your kid moves up the ladder, feedback is provided whenever asked for.