Our Business Courses

Our Business English course is designed to prepare students to use English in a present or future work situation. Students will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments, and they will learn vocabulary that is used regularly in the business world. We also provide ESP courses that are ideal for students in employment, who want to communicate better in English. Titles include: English for medicine, telecoms, aviation, Oil & Gas, Tourism, logistics... In addition to the classroom training, our students will be using our app that helps them improve their speaking and writing skills when they're away from school. Click here for details about our app.

Course Features

[Once -> four times] a week
DZD [600 -> 1900] an hour


  • 1 You enroll after reading our school policy.
  • 2 You, and according to your availability, are placed in a group with other students of your level and interest.
  • 3 You take your training, being tested on a regular basis.
  • 4 Using our app, you can keep an eye on your performance while you're moving up the ladder. Find out how.
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Great businesses are born small with big dreams. Our school, specialized in teaching only English, was established in 2013 to become a leading English school in Algeria.

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