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The Butterfly Effect

By Razika Hadjou | Sun , Oct 9th , 2022

What if someday you woke up in your early 50s, and wished that you have a time machine so you can travel back in time and make some things differently?if so then let me introduce you'' the butterfly effect''.

The definition of the butterfly effect:

it's a concept formulated and named by the American meteorologist and mathematician Edward Lorenz in the 1960s. The theory says that one small change in the starting condition of an event can lead to large differences in the later state.

Edward first popularized the butterfly effect after running with forecast through a computer. He noticed that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can produce a tornado in Texas....But this is just a small case with weather, so how can we physically see it!?

The following examples from history events can relate to this effect:

_WW1(World War 1) was such an event that changed the course of so many lives,but what if WW1 never took place? If so somehow, then WW2 would probably never happen too, and more than 60 millions lives would have been saved. What you don't know is that the war happened because of the Archduke of Austria's car that simply took a wrong turn on June 28th 1914, then got shot and the duke was killed by an angry Hungarian man which lead to the beginning of war between Austria and Hungria, followed by Germany who declared war on Russia, and France with Belgium, causing UK to declare war on Germany, starting WW1.

_Hitler had a dream since he was a kid to become a great Painter, but he got rejected twice from Art school back then. Historians testified that it's one of the main reasons he joined the army and years later started the WW2 causing the death of millions of people, and that probably wouldn't have happened if accepted in art school!

What if:

What if maybe the criminals for examples made better decisions in their lives and instead of stealing or committing crimes, they've decided to become good citizens and have a better role in society maybe we are gonna have more doctors and inventors that will cure diseases and make life better ...


  • Remember that the decision you make today MATTERS, and what happens today will have a snowball effect on your life and that of those around you.
  • Your life is PRECIOUS and it's a result of billions of events that led to your existence so cherish it and make it a good journey for you and for your beloved ones.

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