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Sweater Weather

by Samia Mimoune | Sun , Nov 13th , 2022

Cough, sneezing and strong fatigue, most of us have felt like being at death's door since the beginning of the season. It's time to face the music!

Doctor F.M; a Generalist Doctor from a Setif hospital, explains the situation to us: "These days 95% of the population is sick, 50% of them have a mild cold while the remaining 50% have Covid 19, we can distinguish two types of diseases from these cases: the cold and influenza.

The cold or the respiratory syncytial virus has few symptoms such as cephalic pain (Headaches) and a runny nose. All that is required is to go through 2 - 3 natural treatment days and the patient should be fine, no antibiotics are needed. With kids, parents shouldn’t fret once the little ones show signs of fever and coughing, instead, they need to wait for 3 days to decide if they can take Paracetamol or even go to the doctor. They need to make sure that everyone in the family follows hygiene rules though.

Viral flu is bacterial, as a result, the patient has reddish skin on the throat's wall when making a throat radiograph, that's angina for you; the symptoms come with hoarseness in voice, pain when swallowing, and chest pain. This type has to be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise, the patient gets throat pus and middle ear otitis. When there is a pain symptom, a specialist has to be consulted immediately.

We are living in an epidemic era, an epidemic of a rush life and fast food that barely has any nutrients, we neither eat fruits or veggies nor do we follow a healthy diet. And then, some of us suffer from hereditary sicknesses that risk affecting our adaptive immunity to viruses such as diabetes, cancer, and asthma.

Our immune system's frailty is the result of bad habits that have to be gotten rid of: strict hygiene is mandatory, along with some social distancing and adapting to wear a mask whenever we’re sick to stop spreading the viruses we carry. A healthy diet is to be seriously considered to provide the body with the right supplements to thrive, along with an exercise plan that has a cardiovascular session at least once a week. People have to stop random drug taking and ask for the therapist’s opinion instead, to find and practice stress relieving habits since it immensely affects the immunity. Last but not least, everyone must start learning about how the body functions and what it needs to survive to stay healthy and strong, especially against new viruses or epidemics.“

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