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Stray to Pet?

by Samia Mimoune | Sat , Nov 5th , 2022

Stray animals have been one of the major public nuisances that bother and even scare people on the streets, considering the grave dangers these creatures cause by carrying and spreading epidemics over whomever they encounter on their paths from their fellow animals to humans, when too close.

‘Jardin de boule’ the haunted yet beautiful garden that is located in the middle of the city of Bordj Bou Arreridj, has been embracing 30 cats of different ages. A kind young woman has taken care of these cats for about years. Although the great responsibility, she refuses to back off from feeding them on a daily basis, curing the sick ones regularly at the veterinary, she even helps spread awareness among the Algerian population by posting about the cats. She sometimes asks for financial help on social media platforms when the casualty needs some serious medical care or surgery.

The thriving of urban life in the cities is fighting fiercely to diminish nature from existence, and as it seems, the first is winning continuously by generating life-threatening problems for most living beings. We can’t argue with the fact that nature is crucial for our survival, it is weird however to see to what extent we’re taking it for granted.

We humans have it in our hands to change the situation, some complain about how tight their pockets are, and how hard their lives are especially on the financial side, but aren’t these just excuses to run away from our duties towards our earth? If only each one of us spares what he usually spends on unnecessary groceries for example, or even dedicates a portion of his regular shopping to feed these stray animals, it would make a huge difference.

Our wardrobes are going to burst from the number of garments we own, we’re not using most of them, to be honest with ourselves. The continuous thriving in the fashion industry pushes us to be hipsters. Well, most of us don’t have that in us but you can’t find another reason for all the yearly unused clothes you own at the moment.

“15% of the total textile of the garment waste generated each year, ends up being donated or recycled in some way, which means that the other 85% of textile and garment waste end up in landfills… there is no one-step solution but we can get started by designing clothes with their death in mind.” Amit Kalra, Ted talker.

Factories can put solving procedures into action to cut down the production’s speed and quantities after a thorough study of what the market needs. That would limit all the clothing waste we have nowadays. Countries should establish laws and means to apply, such as facilities for stray animals to live in that are well equipped with enough nourishment, medical care, protection from outsiders’ harm as well as sustainable medical care.

It's a fact how expensive taking care of pets is at home, they need lots of attention that sometimes exceeds our kids', but can't we cooperate to help them the best we can, by making shelters in public gardens where anyone can support them with food, matresses to sleep on, a safe to gather money for medical care and so. You would be surprised as much as I was to know that cats can eat different human food that are not meat, such as bread (that doesn't contain seeds or raisins), boiled eggs, pumpkin, carrots, rice and even fresh fruits like watermelon! They also like spinach if you're wondering why the ones that hop off your balcony damage your plants.

So, we don't need to wait for the government to take a step, helping others makes us happy, it brings us some soul peace and helps the environment become cleaner. They won't go around damaging our recycle bins and garbage bags, the deseases they carry would be more controllable and they would have a safer life by living in somewhat closed places away from traffic and people's harm. We've got to educate our kids as well about how bad it is to hurt a creature that can defend themselves neither by talking nor by force.

The remaining question would be : are we willing to take them in?

PS: The picture was taken for the kittens mentioned in the passage, same garden in Bordj Bou Arreridj.

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