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Can cli-fi save the world ?

by Sirine Talbi | Fri , Mar 3rd , 2023

Cli-fi or climate fiction is a literary sub-gender addressing climate change, including global warming and all these natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and tsunamis...

Many cli-fi books are imagining and making hypotheses about the end of the world somehow with some natural disaster: "Life as we know it" by Susan Beth Pfeffer; suggests an asteroid crash into the moon, and "New York 2140" by Kim Stanley Robinson, who imagined a catastrophic sea level rise. These authors are saying that no time lefts to save our planet, that's the end of the world approach and that we are waiting for a disaster that kills all of us, as it's shown in also many films such as the documentary "An inconvenient sequel: Truth to Power" imagined by Al Gore, he's saying that we're running out of time and that we are living in a time bomb that will explode within ten years.

However, some people believe in the possibility of saving our planet, by reducing carbon consumption, upcycling, having sustainable development and adopting a green policy... The BedZED, an eco-friendly neighbourhood, suggest creating One Planet Communities and the need for sustainable communities. This later proposes to use instead of nuclear energy a more ecological: Renewable energy such as solar or wind power.

But the question stays: -How can fiction save our lives?

It's simple! The cli-fi is warning us about the consequences of human activities and pollution. The film "The day after Tomorrow" for example, sets up the arrival of a new ice age so we are supposed to think about it, "Geostorm" made us think about inventing satellites which control the climate change and not be very dependent of it.

All these authors and films producer are trying with their plausible and realistic works to appeal to us to do our best in order to defeat this evil being of the planet.

Thank you for reading my blog, hoping that you benefited from my blog 👋🏽.

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