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How Far a Good English Teacher Can Change Your Future

By Razika Hadjou | Sun , Feb 12th , 2023

The following story is the story of one of my favorite singers of all time : ADELE a name that shines all over the world known as the "golden voice", one of the strong vocals combined with deep meaningful lyrics with billions sold records and Grammy awards. Yet many don't know that behind this amazing career stood one person: Adele's favorite teacher, Misses Mcdonalds, her English teacher.

Adele in every interview admits how grateful she is to her teacher, and thanks her for becoming who she is now saying :" she was cool and so relatable , that I really looked forward to my English lessons .She really got me into literature , so thanks to her I've become so obsessed with English and obviously now I write lyrics. She was so cool, so engaging , and she really made us care and we knew that she cared for us "

She added :" if I wasn't a singer I would chose to be an English teacher for sure!"

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