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Torch Bearers Notebook : Inspiring Disabilities

By Noura Bendjeddou | Fri , Dec 23rd , 2022

What are physical disabilities? It's a limitation on a person's physical mobility "Physically handicapped". There are even types such as intellectual, physical and sensory. Many have suffered from these diseases but that didn't stop them from shining. If we take a look at Stephen Hawking, he was one of the greatest scientists of the century. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Latérale Sclerosis (ALS) disease when he was only 21 years old. He studied physics and chemistry, then he began working at Cambridge University. Stephen Hawking wasn't only a scientist but an author and a director of research at a center for theoretical cosmology. His field of research was general relativity and quantum gravity. Stephen explained the theory of the black hole, and he wrote a book called "the brief history of time", which has become very famous, and, in which he explained the black hole and described the concept of relativity and the big bang theory. Hawking was a very unique person. At the university, he used a wheelchair because of his physical disability. He won several awards and honors for his achievements and left a treasure chest full of inspiration to be remembered with. He was just incredible, he passed away in 2018.

We can distinguish someone else with almost the same story if we fly back to the Arabic world, Ghanim Al-muftah, his medical condition is caudal regression syndrome which is one of the rarest. He has a twin brother who helps and supports him anytime. Ghanim has almost one million followers on social media who are inspired by him. He shares his favorite sports like skateboarding, ice hockey, football, basketball, swimming, and scuba diving. which is unbelievable since the normal, healthy average man is challenged by these activities. His health condition was the reason why many schools declined him even though he wants to become an Orthopedist because he loves his doctor and loves helping others with the things he has been deprived of. All these difficulties and obstacles of education, society and the feeling of weakness and rejection became a memory left in the past. He has transformed from being pitied to a source of inspiration

I would like to tell everyone that people with disabilities are capable of giving like any healthy person, and these two already proved it, so let's be hand in hand with these special people.