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Library Hide and Seek (1) : An Unexpected Blessing

by Samia Mimoune | Tue , Nov 29th , 2022

"Library Hide and Seek" is a set of book summaries that recap the main idea of books of different lengths and levels, they range from beginner to advanced and are of different genres.

Here is a challenge to enthusiastic readers to guess the details of the story: character names, author identity, and the book title.

If you can’t guess what book it is, just enjoy this quick read with a cup of tea and some English biscuits. If you find it intriguing feel free to ask our staff for a copy of the book. Kindly leave your opinion about the story in the comment section below to let us know what you think. Now, let's dive into it!

It is dawn time, a lonely boat sits on a sea skin that is glimmering with the first light of the day.

In the quiet solitude of the early morning, the fisherman goes on his daily journey. With years of experience under his belt, he knows the rhythm of the sea like a melody.

The sea rewards him with something heavy, “it must be a lot of it or a really big one”, he thinks to himself. Excited, he pulls out the net to reveal a wooden box, but what it has inside is a long lost wish, a baby boy.

What better gift can a childless couple wish for other than the unexpected arrival of a child? and so, he decides to adopt the innocent creature as his own.

The boy grows up fishing alongside his father, working every day except Sundays, when he goes to watch the sailing ships at the port.

One day, a magnificent ship arrives at the port, capturing the boy's attention like never before. The ship belongs to a handsome and elegant man who is the king of wizards. He is on the deck, juggling spiked balls with his hands, the boy notices the man and is very interested.

The wizard notices and manages afterward to trick the humble family into allowing him to take the boy under his wing, promising to teach him the ways of magic.

One year and a day goes by, and the boy comes back home. This time the wizard claims that if the boy goes back with him, he will make him the best juggler in the world, which will get him more money than he would if he keeps fishing.

The family agrees but to their surprise, the boy isn't showing up anymore. The father travels to the king's palace only to find that his beloved son has been transformed into a pigeon with a tiny black feather on his head. He manages to free his son with the help of a kind wizard and both of them leave safely.

The son becomes the best, richest wizard in town, everyone knows and likes him. His parents don’t need to work anymore.

What about fishing you say? We don’t need that now, we just do it for fun!


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