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Heroes Behind the Scenes

By Samia Mimoune | Sat , Oct 22nd , 2022

"To become a forensic, could be one of the bravest verdicts I've ever decided on. I may not visit crime scenes or carry a rifle, my weapon is my pencil".

There is a myriad of jobs out there to apply for, most of which we’ve never heard of and yet they make a big difference in our everyday life.


Anything unusual about him that stood out ?

Does he have any scars or marks on his face ?

He’s wearing glasses, are they prescreption glasses ?

Is he wearing a hat ?

And any facial hair ?

And that hat does it sit back off his head ?

And you’re saying it’s wool ?

How about the length and the width of the nose ?

The thickness of the lips ?

What about his chin ? Does he have a defined one ?


They are the questions a police artist asks crime victims or witnesses, His main task is to make a sketch for a person who may be the criminal that the police is so desperately looking for. Many of them actually managed to help catch the culprit because of their drawings, and you would be impressed to see how close they are similar to the people in question.


It starts challenging since they decide to walk down this path, as they have to go into a thourough training that englobes both art and anatomy to get a degree. Later on, they can become either police officers or freelancers working with as many police departments as they wish to increase their client base.


It’s impressive how can some skills, that may seem useless for some of us, be used to solve big problems and save lives.