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Our Kids' Course

At PINPOINT ENGLISH, we have the appropriate training for your kids. The programs, rich in different activities improve not only your kids' English skills but also their creativity, imagination and critical thinking. Our course is carefully crafted to help your kids reach their full potential. Your kids' language skills will be enhanced Whilst exploring social values with ngaging characters that accompany learners on their journey. To make it short: We'll develop the whole kid in an enjoyable environment. You can also monitor the performance and progress of your kids using our app. Click here for details about our app.


  • 1 Your kid is enrolled by a guardian after reading our school policy. .
  • 2 Your kid, and according to his/her availability, is placed in a group with other kids of his/her age and level. our school policy.
  • 3 Your kid takes his/her training, being tested on a regular basis.
  • 4 Using our app, the guardian can keep an eye on the kid's performance while he/she is moving up the ladder.